Education is a Never-Ending Process


If you want to be the best you can be and if you want to be number one, you must understand that education is a never-ending process and invaluable to any successful career. Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States, was devoted to lifelong learning.  He founded the University of Virginia on that premise.

The most efficient way to continually enhance your education is to read.  It is the least expensive and the most effective way to add knowledge to your life.  Here are some important and impressive stats on reading from the National Library Association of the United States:

Reading 1 book a month will put you in the top 10% of all intellectuals in the world.

Reading 5 books on any topic will make you an authority on that subject.

Reading 15 minutes a day, based on the average length of a book, will allow you to complete one book a month.  The top 1% of income earners read at least one book a month.


If you don’t like to read, you can attend seminars, register for classes at community colleges, or take on-line classes.

The fact is that sales people get lazy.  They stop doing the things that make them successful.  When you start a career in sales, the first you do is get trained.  You are educated about the product and how to best present it to the customer.

I have encountered three types of salespeople in my career:

  1. The worst group. They make up 80% of salespeople. They get hired and trained about the product and how to present it.  They start making sales and making more money than they ever had before and then they STOP.  They STOP training.  They STOP learning. They STOP doing what made them successful.
  2. This group makes up 18% of those in sales. They get hired, learn the product, and quickly recognize the importance of mimicking the top performers in the office. They ask questions and begin to learn what the veterans know.  They become top income earners and when they match the success of the veterans, they STOP.  They STOP doing what made them successful.
  3. The top 2% of earners in sales reside in this category. They learn the product and how to present it.  They mimic the veterans, they become successful, but the thing that puts them in the top 2% is that they keep on doing what makes them successful.  They NEVER STOP LEARNING.  They never become complacent.  They take classes, read books, and attend seminars and workshops. These are lifelong learners.  They continue to climb the ladder of success and  they enjoy the best life they can imagine.

The following is an affirmation to say every day to help you stay focused on investing in yourself and your continued education:

My education in never ending.  I will educate myself by reading for at least 15 minutes a day, searching out and attending seminars, and utilizing online training.  I will invest in myself by investing my time in lifelong learning.  By being a lifelong learner, I will grow richer and wealthier in all aspects of my life.




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