Exchange “Worry Time” for “Training Time” Part 1

I find that many in professional sales waste a great deal of time worrying.  I used to be like that, but I am no longer.  When you worry, you accomplish nothing.  As a matter of fact, you are actually hurting yourself by missing opportunities and creating failure.

Worrying about keeping sales, making commissions, losing your territory, keeping your job, and ultimate failure solves nothing!  Worry creates failure.  I believe that worry is the seed of failure.

When I used to worry, I couldn’t do anything else.  It is very difficult to prospect when you are worried.  The prospect can hear the trepidation in your voice.  It is hard to close when you are worried because the customer can feel your doubt. It is hard to communicate and get through the day with other people in the office.  It is hard to sleep.  When you don’t get the proper amount of rest, you become agitated.  When you are agitated, you make people mad and it just goes downhill from there.

Exchange worry for success!  To do this you must have a plan. If you sit around and wait for things to fix themselves, you are creating the perfect environment for worry to flourish.  As you are waiting for things to change and nothing is happening, the worry fills your mind and it takes over.

There is a saying in sales: The best way to help yourself out of slump is to sell yourself out of the slump!  Actually, this is only half of the equation.  Selling alone will not stop you from worrying.   Only preparing yourself to sell yourself out of slump will stop you from worrying.  When I say preparing, I mean training yourself. If you are training and preparing, you will no longer have the time to worry.  Your plan must be to exchange the time you spend worrying with time spent training and honing your skill set.  The consequence for not training is worry and failure.  Why?  Because you waste precious time worrying and fretting, instead of actively doing the things necessary to improve and solve the problem.

Five Steps to Turn Worry into Success

STEP 1.  Exchange “worry time” for “training time”.  When you do this, there simply is no time for worry.  You are engaged and focused on training and acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to be the best you can be.

When I have a big presentation pending, rather than spend my time worrying about it, I train for it.  I practice the presentation, over and over again, until I have it down perfectly.  The repetition and practice helps me to gain confidence.  When it’s time for me to make my pitch, there is no time for worry.  I am ready to go.  I know my material backwards and forwards because I planned, trained, and practiced.

STEP 2.  Training helps to heal the hurt that comes from losing a sale.   The effort put into making a sales pitch is tremendous and if things don’t work out, it hurts.  Preparing for a sales presentation starts with identifying a prospect and getting them to email or talk to you.  Then you have to get them to agree to meet with you.  If they finally agree, the meeting could require a full day of travel.  Then you have to gather the relevant information and prepare a pitch.  On “game day” you can spend an hour or more explaining your product and answering the client’s concerns.  You feel like everything went well and that you are going to make the sale.   You get on the airplane to travel back home, only to find out that you didn’t get it.  When this happens, every single time it happens, it hurts!

Many times, that hurt can turn into worry and obsessing over what went wrong.  In the past, if this happened to me, I would be down for two or three days.  That is no way to be productive.  No one in a competitive sales job can afford to burn two or three days.

Losing a sale can hurt BUT, if you start training immediately, the hurt will be replaced with hope for the next sale.  The exercise of training focuses your mind on how to get better for the next presentation.  Review the things you did, how you did them, what you said, and then start making corrections and improvements.  Critique your work and ask others for their input.  Start preparing and getting better positioned for success at your next appointment.  Practice your presentation.  There is no time to waste, only time to improve.  No time to worry, only time to work toward achieving success in the future.

PART II – How to turn Worrying into Success- Episode 8-  Steps 3, 4, and 5


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