It Has Never Been Easier To Sell Any Product Then It Is Right Now!


It used to be that people had to get in their car and physically visit the businesses that offered what they were looking for.  This was the only way they could learn about the product, the business, and the services provided.  Sales professionals had five to six minutes to make a pitch and convince the customer to buy.  If you didn’t convince them, they left you and visited the next business on their list. Shopping was exhausting and many times, it took all day.  Once they left your establishment, the chances of you ever seeing them again were slim to none. Sales was a high pressure job.  Sales people got a bad rep because many resorted to unethical practices to get people to do business with them.  They sold things the customer didn’t need and made promises they couldn’t keep.

Fortunately, I understood the importance of being truthful and ethical.  In my mind, it was the only way I knew to build a loyal clientele who would provide me with references and help me to grow my business on a solid foundation.  It was very hard to compete, but I did it.

What is different today?  With the advent of the internet and technology at our fingertips, people are sold before they step foot in your establishment. Today’s customer has researched the product they want online, compared information and, based on that information, they picked you! On average, people compare nine business before they call on one.  They read articles, blogs, and Yelp reviews.  They visit websites and watch YouTube videos.  It is not a question of if they are interested.  They are. It’s not a question of if your product will benefit them.  It will.

It is now all about how well you know your product and if you know it better than the customer does.  The traditional aspects of selling still come into play.  You will need to reassure the customer, provide an outstanding product demonstration, ask for the money, and follow through.  Set expectations, meet expectations, and exceed expectations.

Today’s customer is educated.  They have done their homework.

Tips on How Not to Lose the Sale

  1. Know your product– Know it at least as well as your customer. You need to go beyond your company training.  Get online and see what the customer is reading and what they know.
  2. Be able to point out misinformation– Don’t argue with your customer. You will not get the sale. Find word tracks and be prepared to present misinformation tactfully.
  3. Be a master presenter- Your presentations must be letter-perfect or at the very least, better than the what the customer has seen online. Show passion and enthusiasm.
  4. Be a master closer – Although today’s customer is easier to close, there is still the need to be masterful at it. You must know how to deal successfully with objections.

Many salespeople only know three or four closes.  The problem with this is that the average customer only says yes after the fourth, fifth, or sixth objection.  If you only have three closes, you clearly don’t know enough.

Zig Ziglar recommends that you not step foot in front of a customer with your commission of the line, until you know 100 ways to ask for the money. The more closes you know the more money you will make.

It used to be that you needed to win the sale.  Today, you only need not lose it.  Lucky, you.


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