Navigating the Holiday Season

The holiday season can present many challenges to those who make their living in sales. The following points address some of the hurdles that must be overcome during the holiday months so that sales remain consistent and goals continue to be reached. Contrary to popular belief, the holiday months are not a throw-away period.  As a matter of fact, if you follow my advice, you might find that it is a time for growth and prosperity.

Here are three ways to stand out during the holiday season.  You don’t need to send expensive gifts.  You do need to be thoughtful:

  1. Hand-written thank you note– A personally written thank you note proves to your customer that you were thinking of them. It shows that you took the time to rid yourself of distractions to write to them.
  2. Personal phone call- Keep the conversation to thanking the customer for their business. Don’t pitch a product.  Simply say that you were thinking of them and that you wanted to say thank you and express your appreciation for their business. This is incredibly impactful and most sales people don’t do it.
  3. Personal visit– Stop by and say thank you. This is another extremely effective way to set yourself apart from your competition.   If you feel like you want to give your customer something and you have limited funds, bake cookies. Buy the slice and bake cookies.  They are easy, inexpensive, and they will be appreciated more than you can imagine.  It’s a personal touch that most don’t do.   I promise you that it will be received with great enthusiasm.  Who doesn’t like fresh baked cookies?


  1. Even if you sell a product that tends to take a downward turn during the holiday months, it doesn’t mean that your numbers have to be as bad as you think they will be. Don’t create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many write-off the holiday months because they get into a mindset that believes poor sales are par for the course at this time of the year. They stop trying. However, if you go into it thinking that even thought it might be a slower time of the year, with consistency and a little extra effort, you might get the sale!  If people are answering the phone, they are there and they are buying.  It’s all about attitude and mindset.  Don’t laydown. Look for people.  They are out there.


III.  Want to know how not to lose your job, a promotion, a raise, a new territory, a sale, or a commission, during the holiday season?  Follow the Holiday Party Rules and you should be fine.  You are going to be invited to parties and events.  Attend all of them.  Any parties that are work related create a great opportunity for your co-workers and management to get to know you on a deeper level.  Don’t blow it.

  1. Never drink more than the boss. This is not the time to get hammered.
  2. Don’t be a crazy person. Be remembered for the right reasons.
  3. If you are asked to bring a spouse or a significant other, do it. This is a sign that management is looking at you for something.  They want to see how you will fit in. Don’t bring a first date to a company event.  If you don’t know them, don’t bring them.

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